About me

I'm a product designer, front end developer, teacher and a generalist who is good at solving complex conceptual problems. I gathered experiences by doing very different things, solving difficult problems in multiple industries and making my home in five different countries in the past three decades. 


I have a PhD in Education from University of Virginia. I studied mainly Instructional Design, Educational Technology, Data Analysis, Online Learning Environments.

Before that I did an MA in Middle Eastern Studies at Leiden University, in The Netherlands.

My BA is in History from Jacobs University in Bremen in Bremen, Germany.


I currently work as a Product Designer at VividCortex, in Charlottesville, Virginia. We do database monitoring so if you are doing anything that requires a database, you will love to hear what we can do for you! Check it out!

Before that I worked as Software Developer at Center for Open Science. They are a non-profit organization continuing to do amazing things for researchers around the world. 

Core Skills

Product Design

5 years of experience designing products for education, research and technology markets. Competency in product design, user research, design principles, ideation, building wireframes, mockups and prototypes. 

Software Development

I started coding in high school at the end of 90s and have kept up with the changing technologies. I worked officially as a front end software developer for 4 years, during which time I built advanced libraries in Javascript and contributed to open source projects.

Data Analysis

I have had PhD level statistics and data analytics training including multivariate statistics, data mining; which I used in my dissertation to analyze log data from online user activity.


I'm available for talks and workshops

I'm passionate about product design and front end development practices and can talk about high level topics like strategy as well as day to day processes and tools.

Check out my speaker rating, slides from a previous talk, and a video from a workshop.